Anselmo J. Rubio

Dear Gertraud,

We’ve tried our HCL for the first time at last! I’ve to tell you that it works far beyond my thoughts! It is really outstanding! It performs wonderfully and that taking into account that we sailed offshore. It is assembled in no time and it can handle waves – we sailed with waves up to 1 meter- pretty well. It is comfortable enough for a three or four hour ride and tough enough to transport 3 adults easily. The electric pump is a must to me, as you can do other things while the boat is automatically pumped. Pumping the boat by hand is by far, the hardest job on assembling the catamaran, that’s why the electric pump is totally recommendable!

What can I tell you about the electric motor? The Torqueedo 1003 works extraordinarily offshore. It is powerful enough to move the boat easily thanks to the 3D bow HCL design.

I’m really happy with my purchase, the standard fittings and the extras you advised me to buy as well.

Unfortunately I cannot send you any pictures as I forgot taking the camera with me, but I’ll take some next time, I promise!

P.S.: A lot of people at my sailing club were surprised by your HCL performance out on the open sea!

Thanks a lot for all your help and support. Your customer service department is simply, superb!

Warmest regards from Spain,
Anselmo J. Rubio