We are living in the Caribbean and are using a Happy Cat as our dinghy.

It works very well, and we have a lot of interest from other sailors. They particularly like the fact that the Happy Cat can be easily deflated and stored and that it's different from a standard dinghy because one is never stranded. When the motor stops working, we put up the sails. It's really wonderful to arrive in a harbor, anchor the big boat, then go exploring in the Happy Cat. Camilla and I really enjoy short sails in the evenings just before sunset. The boat is so quiet and you can hear everything. For daytime, we have a small anchor and swim ladder and we use it as a diving platform.
We added a Torqeedo electric motor that is charged by our big catamaran's solar cells so we don't need fuel. We also added fiberglass grating (and now side fenders made from foam "noodles") so that we could dock at marinas and step off the front of the boat. Four eye bolts were installed to strengthen the frame and to let us hang it at the back of our boat.
We have not seen anything like it, but judging by the interest we have seen, you might consider marketing a seagoing dinghy version. They are tough little boats.
TC & Camilla