Good morning Mr. Pfaffenbichler  
Last week we sailed during four days with the Happy Cat along the English channel from Berk to Le Havre.It's about 200 km long. We've got winds from 1 to 4 and waves until around one and half meter. We were 3 or 4 on the boat with food, water and camp stuff, so the load was about 400 kg. 

We have discovered a very nice coast with very pleasant places for camping. With the agility of the Happy Cat, we turned around the rocks of the Etretat cliffs.Many shores are with little rocks (no sand at all) so we appreciate the inflatable tubes and the small weight of the boat easy to carry (without the load of course!).

All the way was a great pleasure with,between other enjoyable things, very nice surfs.
To go back to the departure point, I rented an Opel Corsa and every things were in, including the boat, tent, sleeping bags...and the 3 people!
So, at this point, me and my people are very happy with the Happy Cat. Thank you.
Have a pleasant day.
Denys Sonnois


August, 2011